Understanding Common Causes of Foot Pain

Male Grabbing Foot And Dealing With Pain

Keeping your feet healthy is vital to your overall health and productivity every day. When foot pain becomes an issue, you want to get to the bottom of the cause of your foot pain quickly so that you can work with your doctor to develop a treatment plan or figure out home remedies that might help. This quick guide will provide information concerning common causes of foot pain.

Poor Shoe Choices

Some foot pain is simply the result of poor shoe choices. In many cases, people will put their feet through torture just to wear a cute pair of shoes. Although it is understandable to want to wear cute shoes, you need to carefully weigh the costs of these choices. If you already have issues with foot pain, you want to make careful, calculated shoe choices. This might mean that you have to give up certain types of shoes.

For instance, high heels are notorious for causing many foot and even back problems when people wear them for long periods. To protect your foot health, you need to choose shoes that will support your feet and not put undue pressure on certain parts of the feet. A good rule of thumb is to consider if the shoes hurt or rub blisters anywhere. These are sure signs that they are not suitable for your feet.


As you age, you may start to notice that you have more pain in your feet. This is often just a normal part of aging, but you can do things to lessen this pain. For instance, you do foot stretches daily to keep the ligaments in your feet loose. This can also help to relieve tension in the foot muscles. Exercising regularly will also help keep your joints loose and lubricated. When joints become stiff and lack lubrication, you may experience stiffness and pain. It is also important to deal with any health issues that might affect your feet or your circulation to ensure they do not contribute to additional foot pain as you age.


Like with all body parts, an injury can cause foot pain; in some cases, it might even cause ongoing foot pain after the injury has healed. This could be caused by scar tissue or ligament damage. Scar tissue can often continue to hurt for months or even years after an injury; the same is true for ligament damage.

If you have experienced an injury, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully concerning recovery and seek physical therapy if necessary if you are still experiencing pain.

Plantar Fasciitis

A common cause of foot pain is also plantar fasciitis. This condition affects the ligament running down the middle of the foot. This ligament is a large, tough piece of tissue that can become sore and inflamed. When this happens, it can cause extreme foot pain. The ligament tightening often causes the problem. It can be treated through special stretches and shoe inserts specially designed to stretch the ligament and provide proper support while wearing shoes.


Fatigue can also cause foot pain. This is especially common for people who must work on their feet all day. Standing or walking for prolonged periods can take a toll on your feet. If you are not making time to rest or specifically to rest your feet, then you might start to experience ongoing foot pain.

How To Keep Feet Healthy

If you are concerned about your foot health or want to get rid of foot pain that you are already experiencing, here are a few tips that might help.
Lose weight: Most people hate to hear this as a solution for medical issues, but carrying additional weight will indeed cause many health and physical problems. Because your feet are literally carrying your body weight around every day, it stands to reason that if you lose weight, that is just that much less pressure on your feet all day.

Exercise: This was mentioned above, but it’s important enough to mention again. Every part of your body benefits when you exercise regularly. In order to stay in a state of health and wellness, the human body is built to expend a certain amount of physical energy every day. When your body is not being pushed to do this amount of physical activity, problems can arise. Our modern society is designed to reduce physical activity at every turn. Our technological advances during the Industrial Revolution and afterward were geared toward automating physical activities so that humans worked less. The downside of this, however, is that we do not get the proper amount of physical activity each day by simply living and doing care tasks or traveling. We must make a conscious effort to get the right amount of physical activity back into our lives so that we do not suffer from physical ailments such as foot pain.

Talk with your doctor: If your foot pain is persistent and you do not know what is causing it, you should talk to your doctor. Other causes of foot pain can be the result of medical issues. These can include diabetes, circulation problems, or blood clots.

Foot Comfort at Bedtime

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