8 Effective Home Remedies for Alleviating Foot Pain

Stretching Feet To Relieve Foot Pain

Your feet might just be the hardest working part of your body. Your feet carry your entire body weight every time you move around. When you consider how small your feet are compared to the rest of your body, it is no wonder your feet sometimes ache and hurt. Some foot pain can indicate medical conditions that need attention, but many times, it is just the result of being overworked and not getting enough rest. This quick guide will provide you with some home remedy ideas that you can use to alleviate foot pain at home. Let’s get started.

Foot Baths

This might seem old-fashioned but do not underestimate the power of a good foot bath to relieve your aching feet. Simply soaking tired feet in warm water can do wonders for the feet’s muscles, joints, and ligaments. If you want to increase the foot bath’s rejuvenating power, add some Epsom salt. You can find Epsom salt in your pharmacy; some brands even have added essential oils to increase its effectiveness. Many people rely on Epsom salt to help relieve aching and swollen muscles.

Foot Stretches

It is essential to keep the muscles and ligaments of the feet loose and flexible to avoid many types of foot pain. Because the feet work so hard and for so long each day, stretching them out in the morning and again at night before bed can go a long way to relieving pain. Certain types of foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis, are directly related to the large ligament that runs the center of the foot. This ligament will get overly tightened and start to cause pain. Stretching helps tremendously. Stretching your feet is also a great way to relax as well.

Foot Strengthening Exercises

The feet are made up of many muscles. Like all the muscles of the body, strength is important to avoid pain and injury. Weakened muscles simply cannot support the weight of the body properly. Since the feet support so much weight during the day, those muscles must be in good shape. You may have never heard of foot-strengthening exercises, but any muscle in the body can be strengthened through exercise.

Many people use resistance bands to work the muscles of their feet. You can look up videos online of how to do these types of exercises. In addition to that, simply walking is a really good exercise for your feet as well. Picking up marbles with your toes is also an excellent foot exercise.

Foot Massage

A professional foot massage is also a wonderful way to combat foot pain. The muscles of the feet often retain a tremendous amount of tension each day. A foot massage can help to relieve this tension and also help to encourage good blood flow to the feet. Because the feet are the farthest point on the body from the heart, many people experience poor circulation to their feet. Poor circulation to the feet can result in pain, numbness, and even poor wound healing. If you do not want to invest the money to get a professional foot massage, you can always watch videos online to learn how to perform a great massage on your own feet, or if you have a partner who will help, they can perform the massage on you.

Arch Supports

If your feet are constantly tired and achy, or you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, you might want to consider buying arch supports. Arch supports can help to distribute weight more evenly through your foot so that you are not experiencing pressure points. Pressure points are often where pain and tightness will develop in the feet. If you have a poorly defined natural arch in your foot, arch supports are necessary for long-term foot health.

Reconsider Your Shoes

Shoes play a huge role in foot health. Often, people will choose style over comfort when it comes to shoes, which is terrible for foot health. Plenty of shoes that support foot health are also cute and stylish. You may need to do some research, though, in order to find the right pair for your needs. If your shoes are hurting your feet or causing blisters, this is a sign that you are wearing the wrong shoes for your foot health needs.

You should also remember that even if a pair of shoes still feels pretty comfortable, the support they provide will decline after a while. When this happens, the shoes can start to harm your feet. Even your most comfortable old pair of sneakers needs to be updated occasionally.

It’s also important to remember that your feet can change sizes. Shoe size is not something stable, like height. If your shoes suddenly feel uncomfortable, you might want to have your feet sized to find the right fit.


Many people experience swelling in their feet. A number of different things can cause this. Water retention is one of the most common reasons for swelling, which can also indicate poor circulation. Other medical conditions or medications may also contribute to swelling of the feet. Regardless of the cause, icing your feet can be a quick and easy way to relieve swelling and find relief for the discomfort that swelling causes.

OTC Medication

If the above-mentioned home remedies do not help, consider taking OTC medication for your foot pain. Many types of anti-inflammatory medications can help with foot pain.

Bedtime and Foot Pain

Bedtime can be especially challenging if you are dealing with foot pain. Many people find that confining sheets and blankets will make foot pain worse. One solution is the Cozy Toezy blanket lifter. This device lifts the sheets and blankets away from your feet so that you stay warm and cozy without the irritation of tight-fitting sheets and blankets.