Dynamic Portable Bedsheet Riser

Dynamic Portable Bedsheet Riser in Castle Rock, CO

The Cozy Toezy from KniseWorks is a dynamic, portable bedsheet riser that costs $149.99. It stands out from the crowd because it’s unlike all other bedsheet risers because it’s dynamic. What that means is that it erects on its own once you trigger the fin and without electricity. No wires, no plugs, no batteries, just an innovative design. All other bedsheet risers don’t even come close because they are static, meaning once they are installed, they have to be removed every morning to make your bed so that you don’t have an intrusive giant lump at the end of the bed the entire day.

What’s more, the Cozy Toezy is a discreet foot pain relief solution to the problem of pressure and discomfort on the feet at night. While most bed risers look like unsightly stilts that can create unwanted “tents” out of your bed covers, the Cozy Toezy can raise your covers subtly all night and then collapse in the morning.

How is the Cozy Toezy Different from Other Bed Risers?

Another perk of the Cozy Toezy is that this discreet erectable bedsheet riser fits most mattresses. For the best fit, it was specifically designed for mattresses between 8″ to 12″ in height, which is the standard profile of a mattress; however, it is effective for even taller profiles of up to 15″. No matter what your mattress height, the Cozy Toezy creates a tent for your feet, only when you want it to.

Discreet Erectable Bedsheet Riser
Every bed sheet riser on the market makes its presence known throughout the day and becomes an eyesore and an unwanted topic of conversation. If you want your pretty bedspread to continue looking nice and not like the campsite of a small animal (unless your furry family friend cuddles up next to your feet at night… not that there’s anything wrong with that), the Cozy Toezy’s subtle appearance will be more like your style.

Is the Cozy Toezy Adjustable?

When you’re using this product, you can slide it to suit your comfort level. Whether you prefer it at the end of the bed or along the side on the corner, you can. If you share a bed with someone else, you can always keep the Cozy Toezy adjusted so that it’s on your side of the mattress. If sides change, you can easily slide the Cozy Toezy into place in whatever way works for you. Overall, there is a lot to love about the Cozy Toezy!
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