Should You Wear Socks to Bed at Night?

women wearing socks to bed while drinking coffee

Every detail matters for those who have issues with getting a good night’s sleep. You want to figure out every little factor that contributes to good sleep while also making a list of things that stop you from getting your rest. Socks have been a debatable topic for some time regarding sleeping habits. Should you or shouldn’t you sleep with socks on? This quick guide from KniseWorks will provide information on how socks affect sleep.

Why Does It Matter?

Figuring out if you should sleep with socks on or not matters if you are trying to eliminate factors contributing to insomnia or other health issues. Like elevating your feet with a bedsheet riser, socks definitely affect people when they are sleeping or trying to fall asleep. So, what exactly happens when you sleep with socks on?

In a recent sleep study, six men were evaluated during sleep. The men were observed sleeping with socks on and sleeping with socks off. It was determined that when men slept with socks on, they slept 32 minutes longer, fell asleep 7.5 minutes faster, and even woke up less during the night as opposed to the night they did not wear socks.

So, why does this happen? The reason is that during the day, your body will go through several different heating and cooling cycles intricately connected to your circadian rhythm. At night, your body attempts to lower your core temperature in preparation for sleep. If the feet are kept warm, it is easier for the core temp of the rest of the body to cool down. When an extremity is cold, the core temp of the body will heat up in an attempt to warm that extremity. When all extremities are already comfortably warm, the body can relax and allow you to fall asleep more easily.

Should Everyone Wear Socks to Bed?

Even though wearing socks to bed could help you fall asleep quicker or stay asleep a little longer, wearing socks isn’t for everyone. Individuals who suffer from foot swelling, circulatory issues, or any other health condition that might affect blood flow to extremities and could complicate these health issues, so consult your doctor as it relates to your specific health issue.

Additionally, having the feet constricted in any way can complicate some health problems. This would even include tight bedclothes that constrict the feet during sleep.

Can I Get the Sleep Benefits Without Wearing Socks?

Yes, you can still get the sleep benefits of warm feet without wearing socks to bed every night. If you do not wear socks to bed, you can try other methods to warm your feet for a better night’s sleep.

Hot water bottle- It may seem old-fashioned, but taking a hot water bottle to bed with you can do wonders for your sleeping habits. In fact, using a hot water bottle actually works better than socks. The reason is that you will get all the sleep-inducing benefits of having warm feet, but the bottle will cool down after you fall asleep, so you do not wake up uncomfortably warm during the night. People who wear socks to bed often complain that they are uncomfortable later at night and kick them off anyway.

Warm slippers before bed- Another option is to warm your feet nicely with warm slippers. This can be part of a nice relaxing bedtime routine.

Warm footbath- There are few things more relaxing at the end of a long day than a nice footbath. A footbath helps to relax the body in ways that a regular bath or shower does not. You can add Epsom salts to increase the health benefits. Today, you can find Epsom salts with relaxing Lavender, which will further increase your relaxation and help you drift off to sleep quickly. Be sure to get into bed soon after the foot bath, so your feet do not have a chance to cool off again.

Heating pad- If you struggle with keeping your feet warm at night but shouldn’t wear socks for health reasons, you could consider using a heating pad in the bed. A heating pad is the fastest way to get your bed warmed up. Use a pad with a timer to set it to turn off later to avoid overheating the bed.

Are There Other Advantages to Wearing Socks to Bed?

If you do not have any health conditions preventing you from wearing socks to bed, you might be interested to know some of the other advantages of keeping your socks on while you sleep.

Improves circulation- For people who do not have circulation-related diseases, wearing socks actually helps to improve circulation. When the extremities are kept warm, your body doesn’t feel the need to increase circulation too often. It is good when circulation can be kept steady.

Decrease hot flashes- If you are prone to hot flashes, you may need to keep less of your body covered at night in bed. The opposite is true, though. Hot flashes are decreased when the core temp is kept steady. The core temp can be kept steady when you keep your feet warm.

Stop heels from cracking- If you deal with dry, cracked heels, you can help to prevent this by moisturizing your feet well at night and then putting on a pair of socks to hold that moisture in.

Bedsheet Risers for Foot Problems

If you struggle with foot-related health issues, simply eliminating socks may not be enough to get the relief you need. A bedsheet riser could be a good option. This innovative device tucks neatly into the bottom of your bed and slightly raises the bed sheets and blankets off your feet. You still stay nice and warm, but without the constriction of bedclothes.

The Cozy Toezy is a discreet, easy-to-use bedsheet riser that can help you with foot-related sleep issues. Contact us today to get yours!